Data conversion at your finger tip! Accelerate the distribution of your 3D geodata in a variety of industry formats via a web portal.



Implemented as a server solution, the supply of data can be fully automated in this regard. As such, a website is provided, through which the regions being exported, the target format, and the target coordinate system can be configured in a few steps and the data extraction process can be started. In combination with an eShop system, geodata download portals can be implemented for 3D city model data.Show Product FlyerShow Product Flyer

Different export formats

  • KML
  • DXF
  • 3DS
  • 3D PDF
  • 2D and 3D ESRI Shapefile
  • Personal Geodatabase (MultiPatch)
  • CityGML

Data Supply via the Web

3D city model data can be obtained with the aid of the virtualcityWAREHOUSE solution by clicking on the subjects of interest. The basis for this solution is a customized 3DCityDB reader for FME, which is developed by us. with this feature the CityGML data can be loaded directly from a virtualcityDATABASE/3DCityDB and converted into conventional 3D formats.


Live Demo

Try our live demo and check out the performance of the 3D mapping application. The live demo was created with the virtualcityPUBLISHER and exported as a public mapping application.




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