Create extensive 3D web mapping applications in a few steps and, in the process, manage any number of data sources - from the database to external web services.


The 3D Web Mapping Solution

The virtualcityPUBLISHER is a solution for creating and publishing interactive 3D mapping applications from CityGML-based 3D geodata. With few steps, 3D geodata can be presented in the Internet and combined with existing 2D geodata services.Show Product FlyerShow Product Flyer

Web-based user interface

The virtualcityPUBLISHER is a web application that can run in all conventional, current browsers. Depending on the role of the registered user, various processing areas are available to him. Administrators have access to the administrative backend in order to enter and manage users, databases, and projects there. In contrast, project managers and registered users have access to the projects and mapping applications allocated to them. Depending on the user role, they can process 3D data here for web visualization, integrate OGC services, and create and publish 3D mapping applications.

Web-based user interface

High-performance streaming

With the virtualcityPUBLISHER, arbitrarily large 3D city and landscape models can be published on the Internet. The basis for our technology is the open, WebGL-based web globe Cesium that is used for 3D visualization. Automated data handling processes for the optimization of input data and intelligent streaming techniques provide a high-performance presentation of your 3D data.

Project and User Management

The integration of project and management makes it possible to create projects for specific user groups or organizations in a customized manner and to assign resources & users. As such, administrators can create projects and make fundamental adjustments to the system and to projects. On the project level, managers can oversee & supervise members, create data sources, and process the information for the web visualization. Finally, the actual configuration of the 3D mapping applications occurs on the map level by users or project managers. This enables the users to create customized 3D maps.

Project and User Management

Supported Data Formats

  • Direct connection to 3DCityDB / virtualcityDATABASE for CityGML data
  • Conventional raster formats for the import and texturing of the terrain model (ESRI ASCII GRID, TIF, JPG)
  • Alternatively, WMS services can be used for the terrain texture as well
  • Collada Quadtree for TIN-based terrain models and surface models
  • WMS services as an overlay in the mapping application
  • WFS services as the topic level (e.g. POI, lines, areas)
  • WFS services as the service interface for the search functionality
Supported Data Formats

Intuitive map editor

The map editor enables the compilation and configuration of a 3D map (virtualcityMAP) in a few steps. This includes the compilation of the data to be displayed (legend editor), adaption of the map template, the definition of predefined viewpoints, and the integration and configuration of mapping functionality (widgets) that the map users can use. These widgets comprise query functions, measurements, real-time shadows, PDF printing of the active scene, and much more.


Berlin 3D - Online

Using the business atlas, we created a public portal solution for our client, Berlin Partner, which combines a 2D mapping application with a 3D mapping application. As the basic technology, our virtualcityMAP Framework is used, which is integrated in virtualcityPUBLISHER as well. See for yourself and experience Berlin in 3D online at: Wirtschaftsatlas Berlin.

Live Demo

Try our live demo and check out the performance of the 3D mapping application. The live demo was created with the virtualcityPUBLISHER and exported as a public mapping application.

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