Our web mapping technology for the implementation of extensive 3D applications with specific functionalities and innovative mash-ups by external web services.


Live Demo

Try our live demo and check out the performance of the 3D mapping application. The live demo was created with the virtualcityPUBLISHER and exported as a public mapping application.

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We offer customized virtualcityMAP solutions ranging from the pure provisioning of API via pre-configured virtualcityMAP applications to customers specific needs.Show Product FlyerShow Product Flyer


virtualcityMAP is a framework for implementing modern geoportals which combines 3D and 2D applications as well as further services. The open WebGL-based web globe Cesium is our base technology for the high-performance visualization of 3D data and enables the publication of extensive 3D city models, thanks to modern streaming technology.

High-performance 3D visualization of

  • Terrain, buildings, and other objects based on streaming technologies
  • Selection and query functionality
  • Integration of maps from WMS sources
  • Integration of points of interest (POI)
  • Integration of vector data as an overlay
  • Address search and thematic search

Combination with existing services

virtualcityMAP is a technology of virtualcitySYSTEMS that combines existing 2D web mapping applications, web services, and panorama services with 3D web mapping applications to create an innovative geoportal solutions. The virtualcityMAP technology is suitable for being utilized in city marketing, real estate marketing, the publication of 3D plans within the scope of civil participation processes or as an internal information solution.


With virtualcityMAP, 3D city models can be published on the Internet or intranet via an easy-to-use interface. The application is called via a web browser and enables free navigation in a three-dimensional space, the integration of topic layers, and points of interest as well as address search and thematic queries.




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