The central data management component for 3D city and landscape models ensures consistent storage with regard to content and time-efficient queries of complex data.


3D City Database Extended

The virtualcityDATABASE is based on the successful open source Project 3D City Database and offers an efficient database solution for consistent storage of semantic city model data. The strengths of the 3D City Database in the exchange of data complimented with the virtualcityDATABASE, enabled by helpful tools for maintaining the existing information.Show Product FlyerShow Product Flyer

Key Features virtualcityDATABASE

  • Geometric-semantic modeling in 5 LoDs
  • Prototypical representation of 3D objects
  • Storage of additional surface features, such as textures, materials or invisible phenomena
  • Storage of digital terrain models (DGM) as a raster, TIN, point clouds or break lines
  • Extendable by generic objects and attributes
  • Recursive grouping of objects
  • Referencing of external data sources
  • Management of versions and plans

Key features Importer/Exporter

  • Import and export of city models in a CityGML format regardless of complexity and size of the data
  • Optimized KML/Collada export for the publication in Google Earth/Google Maps
  • Affine transformation for CityGML import
  • Coordinate transformations for CityGML export
  • Resolving XLinks for import and export
  • XML validation
  • Incrementally extendable through plug-ins
  • Open source according to GNU LGPL v3


Our virtualcityWFS goes beyond the Open Source version in that it allows for querying objects using complex thematic and spatial filters and for inserting, deleting and updating CityGML objects.

Integrate Plug-In

  • Integration of external data into an existing database
  • Exchange and addition of LoD levels for individual buildings
  • Multifaceted attributive and spatial test routines against the ability to integrate data
  • Detailed logging and highlighting of consistency issues for analysis in visual GIS tools

Delete Plug-In

With the Delete Plug-In of the virtualcityDATABASE city objects and their levels of detail (LoD) can be deleted from the database without the user having to invest a lot of time in developing complex queries. The objects to be deleted can be quickly and easily determined through an intuitive attribute filter. Various value characteristics as filter attributes can be provided via external deletion lists. Show Product FlyerShow Product Flyer

Appearance Plug-In

City models without texture data often appear in bare grey tones. With the Appearance Plugin of the virtualcityDATABASE a coloring of thematic surfaces of individual buildings or the entire city model can be created, which will remain in place in all viewer solutions.

The Appearance Plugin is also able to integrate texture data from file if the geometric reference in the database has been kept unchanged. This is very helpful when creating various appearance themes for the same objects.




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