The extensive 3D city models can be derived automatically from digital elevation data in CityGML and ESRI-Shape formats.


Fully Automatic Reconstruction

BuildingReconstruction requires digital surface and terrain models as well as 2D building floor plans in the shape file format as input data. Based on this data, BuildingReconstruction correctly recognizes approx. 80% of the building forms and topologically reconstructs valid 3D models based on the floor plans. BuildingReconstruction is therefore suitable for use within the scope of ALKIS 3D if precise cadastral data is used as a 2D basis.

The OGC standard CityGML or ESRI 3D shape file are supported as exported formats.


With BuildingReconstruction, up to 3000 buildings can be automatically created in one work step. With current hardware capabilities, the processing time is less than 10 minutes per each square kilometer.

BuildingReconstruction runs on computers with a Windows OS (XP SP3, Vista, 7 32/64 bit) with at least Intel Core2 Duo, 2 GB RAM and 3D-capable graphics card (Nvidia GeForce, AMD Radeon).

Creation of LoD 1 and LoD 2 building models

BuildingReconstruction is particularly well suited for the extensive creation of building models with a level of detail of 2, which includes the attributes of roofs in the terminology of city modeling. 28 standard and transitional roof forms are supported in BuildingReconstruction. For a CityGML-compliant export, the building shell is also semantically subdivided into foundation, wall, and roof areas. Based on the modeling guidelines of SIG 3D - these thematic areas of the LoD 2 models are also referred to as solid bodies (LoD2 solid). Furthermore, additional information, such as the height of the ridge and eaves or dimensions of the roof area, which represent generic attributes in CityGML, are allocated to each building.

Intuitive Editor

The reconstructed buildings can be directly tested and, if necessary, adjusted in a modern graphic interface. The subdivision in building segments and the allocation of roof forms or the adaption to the surface model can be easily managed in the Editor and thus enable rapid post-processing for an optimal result. Open Product FlyerOpen Product Flyer



  • 3d_city_model_berlin_Solar_Berlin_2_Daecher_SolareEignung_1024px
  • 3d_city_model_berlin_Solar_Berlin_4_SolareEignung_1024px
  • 3d_city_model_frankfurt_main_1024px_01
  • 3d_city_model_frankfurt_main_1024px_02
  • 3d_city_model_frankfurt_main_1024px_07
  • 3d_city_model_frankfurt_main_1024px_10
  • 3d_city_model_frankfurt_main_1024px_12
  • 3d_city_model_frankfurt_main_1024px_14



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