At the end of 2016, the entire semantic 3D city model of Helsinki was intruduced to the public. The CityGML model, which is available as Open Data and contains more than 77,000 semantic 3D buildings, has now been enhanced with solar irradiation per building. The new Helsinki Climate and Energy Atlas bundles all energy-related topics in a free public interactive 3D map application. The energy values were determined from the semantic information of each 3D building model and stored as additional attributes, as well as building texture.




Enni Airaksinen from the City of Helsinki says: „we are really amazed how nice these textures look like. In the picture, the Helsinki Olympic Stadium’s solar potential is showing clearly! Thank you, and special thanks for inventing the solar energy potential calculation.”


The technologies, tools and infrastructure components behind the 3d map application as well as the semantic 3D city model used by the city of Helsinki come from virtualcitySYSTEMS in Berlin. The analysis of the solar irradiation was based on the CityGML data. Each building (incl. roof and wall surfaces) was enriched with monthly irradiation values and a dedicated CityGML appearance. Unnecessary conversions to third-party formats are obsolete due to the direct processing in the CityGML format.


Helsinki Energy Climate Atlas - Einstrahlung pro Jahr


A particularly high added value is created by the query functionality of the energetic attributes of each building. For example, the user can easily perform a database query via the web based 3d map application to highlight buildings with high irradiation values.


Helsinki Energy Climate Atlas - Globale Einstrahlungen pro Jahr


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Open Helsinki Energy and Climate Atlas