We are pleased to announce the highlights of the new v3.4 release of our virtualcityPUBLISHER, virtualcityMAP and virtualcityPLANNER.
virtualcityPUBLISHER v3.4

  • Use GeoJSON files and glTF models as data sources
  • Create 3D object layers simply from CityGML datasets (without the need for a CityGML database)
  • Colorize CityGML objects according to their feature type
  • Convert terrain models in half the time and benefit from improved loading times
  • Provide your virtualcityMAPs in different languages
  • Comprehensive documentation for the virtualcityMAP API that lets you program your web maps

virtualcityMAP v3.4

  • Experience the new pedestrian mode and go for a walk through your virtual 3D city model
  • 3D measurements are now available for Internet Explorer 11
  • Simple integration of virtualcityMAPs into existing WebGIS applications
  • Update to the latest version 1.37 of the CesiumJS framework

virtualcityPLANNER v3.4

  • The enhanced user interface makes using the virtualcityPLANNER even easier
  • The new drawing tool lets you easily add points, lines and polygons to your planning scenario
  • Extrude polygons to simple 3D volumes
  • Import point, line and polygon shapes from your GIS into the virtualcityPLANNER using GeoJSON
  • Export geometries that you have drawn in the virtualcityPLANNER as GeoJSON