virtualcitySUITE 2017

virtualcitySUITE 2017 banner

We are happy to announce the new release of our virtualcitySUITE 2017. This release brings great new features and improvements to our 3D web map solution virtualcityMAP and our established software products for 3D spatial data infrastructures.

The virtualcityMAP is our high-performance and scalable solution for the web-based presentation of 3D city models, oblique imagery, legacy 2D maps and, newly, massive point clouds in one integrated web application.
As special highlight of this new version, we are happy to introduce the virtualcityPLANNER module allowing for the interactive and collaborative use of your 3D city model in urban planning processes. With the virtualcityPLANNER, you can create and publish planning scenarios, upload 3D planning models into the virtual urban space, hide existing buildings, and define fine-grained rights for accessing and sharing your scenario. If you are interested in a trial access to the virtualcityPLANNER do not hesitate to contact us.
You will find more examples for web map applications based on our virtualcityMAP technology at



Further features of the virtualcitySUITE 2017



  • NEW: virtualcityPLANNER widget*
  • NEW: Drawing widget for interactive drawings in the map
  • NEW: 3D measurement widget
  • Stability and performance improvements


  • NEW: Point Cloud add-on*
  • NEW: Integration of GeoJSON datasets as map layers
  • Improvements to the converter for raster-based DTMs
  • Simple and easy creation of information balloons (balloon widget)
  • Height offset for 3D objects when creating a 3D object layer
  • Sample project with sample data
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes


  • NEW: Integration of the latest version 3.3 of the 3D City Database
  • NEW: LoD filter for CityGML exports
  • NEW: Export of 3D objects into the glTF data format
  • Database scripts for creating new citydb schemas under PostgreSQL
  • Improvements and bug fixes


  • NEW: Exporting to OBJ Wavefront
  • NEW: Parameter false northing / false easting

* Using the Point Cloud add-on, the Oblique add-on or the virtualcityPLANNER module requires a dedicated license.