The City of Helsinki has launched a project to build a virtual 3D city model of Helsinki based on the open OGC CityGML standard, which is a hitherto unique approach in Finland. virtualcitySYSTEMS advices the project as CityGML consultant and expert for 3D geodata infrastructures. A main objective of this project is to build up an open architecture around the city model to guarantee a high reusability in different domains.




As a central data management component, the City of Helsinki uses the virtualcityDATABASE because of its advanced maintenance features for CityGML data. By storing the model in the Open Source geospatial database PostGIS and using standard interfaces like the WFS of the virtualcityDATABASE or the FME-based virtualcityWAREHOUSE, Helsinki will be able to feed the information of the 3D city model into various applications and systems, e.g. to analyze and simulate 3D phenomena in the urban space.


This great potential shall be proven within different pilot projects starting in the beginning of next year.