Hosted 3D Web maps

Are you looking for a high-performance, flexible and scalable plugin-free web mapping solution for your geospatial data? Efficient web presentation for 3D city models, oblique images and point clouds to the Internet or Intranet? Get easily on demand access to your data with our virtualcityMAP technology.

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  • Initial installation of the 3d web application on a virtualcitySYSTEMS Server
  • Integration of existing geodata (Provision by customer)
    • digital height model
    • orthophotomosaic
    • 3D city model
    • oblique aerial images
    • point clouds
  • Add existing web mapping services (WM(T)S)
  • Individual User interface design (Adjust colors, add company logo, add contact information and organize layer tree)


scope of functions

  • intuitive 3D navigation
  • 2D and 3D measurement
  • Integration with oblique aerial images: switching between 3D view mode and oblique aerial image
  • Integration in 3d city model: query object information, add shadows by time and date
  • PDF Export (display the 3d map in 2D)
  • Share Link (incl. of user settings)
  • Address Search by street / house number
  • WMS Support: integrated and displayed our own web services


data requirements

  • digital terrain model: Esri ASCII Grid, GeoTIFF oder XYZ
  • orthophotomosaic: JPG
  • 3D city model: CityGML
  • 3d objects: COLLADA
  • Oblique aerial images: JPG incl. calculated ground height per aerial image plus orientation
  • Point Cloud: LAS


system Requirements

  • current browser (IE Version 11, Firefox or Chrome)
  • 3d map require webgl supported hardware 


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