We provide professional training seminars for modeling, processing, and using of 3D geodata, particularly CityGML. Find the right event.

CityGML Workshops

Basic CityGML Seminar

The basic CityGML seminar from virtualcitySYSTEMS provides an introduction to the international OGC CityGML standard. It covers the basics for understanding CityGML and explains the role of CityGML within 3D GIS applications and processes.CityGML TrainingCityGML Training Dates 2016 / 2017

CityGML Expert Seminar

In addition to the basic seminar, we also offer an advanced seminar on the topic of CityGML. The advanced seminar deals respectively with current topics from the CityGML practices and works through their theoretical fundamentals in detail. Where possible, the seminar participants are introduced to the topics of practical implementation with accompanying exercises.CityGML TrainingCityGML Training Dates 2016 / 2017

CityGML Processing with FME

The FME technology from Safe Software Company has established itself well as a standard tool for dealing with ETL processes (extract, load, transform), for handing GIS data and for supporting far more than 300 conventional GIS data formats in addition to CityGML in its current version. FME, therefore, offers its services for the creation, processing, and transformation of CityGML data from various data sources as well as for the provisioning of CityGML data in various target data formats.CityGML TrainingCityGML Training Dates 2016 / 2017

3DCityDB Workshops

3D City Database Seminar

The 3DCityDB is an open source software under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3 (LGPL). The project includes a database schema for storing CityGML data based on Oracle Spatial and PostgreSQL/ PostGIS as well as high-performance and efficient import/export tools. The 3DCityDB received the Oracle Spatial Excellence Award for Education and Research in Washington D.C. in 2012. CityGML TrainingCityGML Training Dates 2016 / 2017

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