virtualcitySYSTEMS is a suite of specialized codes for developing and providing system solutions for 3D geodata based on the OGC CityGML standards.

About us

A brief history

virtualcitySYSTEMS was founded in 2005 in Dresden and has moved its headquarter to Berlin since 2010. The company specializes in the development of system solutions for the collection, management, distribution, and, thus, ultimately for the use of 3D geodata. Our employees are experienced and belong to an interdisciplinary team which is comprised of geomatics engineers, city and landscape planners, cartographers as well as software system technicians and have many years of experience in developing and providing system solutions for the modeling, management, and visualization of complex three-dimensional information spaces.

Mission Statement

virtualcitySYSTEMS considers itself to be an innovative pioneer for the development and usage of 3D city models and 3D landscape models based on the international OGC CityGML standard. Our goal is to make the development and usage of 3D spatial data infrastructures as easy and efficient as possible. In doing so, we focus on developing and providing database solutions and further development of the CityGML data and web-based solutions for the visualization and automated provisioning of 3D data for expert users.

Range of Services


  • Consulting and development of requirement specifications for 3D spatial data infrastructures
  • Project management of data collection campaigns and 3D geodata modeling projects
  • Training and workshops in the areas of 3D spatial data infrastructure, CityGML, FME and 3DCityDB
  • Geo IT solutions for managing and providing 3D geodata
  • On demand development of software and system solutions
  • On demand development of CityGML extensions (ADE)
  • Hosting Services


3D Geo IT Specialists

Due to our long-standing experience in the market, having a strong network of partners, and being an innovative pioneer for digital cities, we are valued by our clients as a highly technical consulting partner for 3D geomatics solutions.

Main Expertise

3D City and Landscape Models

Our range of services is based on the lifecycle of the models for the digital cities and their landscapes. It comprises of the initial recognition and data modeling as well as data management and continuation for implementation of complex applications and utilization concepts as well as the publication of 2D and 3D geo-information spaces.

Application Scenarios

  • City models for real estate and business development
  • Landscape, city, and traffic planning
  • Provisioning of 3D models for the calculation of radio waves or noise transmission
  • Publishing calculation result for solar potential
  • 3D mapping applications for disclosure of the potential areas for capturing solar energy and existing installations
  • Flood simulation depiction of water levels
  • Shading analysis

CityGML Experts

Employees of virtualcitySYSTEMS, as part of international committees, actively are overseeing the further development of CityGML and therefore have trained eyes for the respective validity criteria for data modeling. We would be happy to check your CityGML data for accurate and sensible semantic-geometric coherence, coordinate possibilities for optimizing your workflow processes, as well as providing you with our knowledge and experience in training sessions. Become a CityGML expert through us!



The CADFEM Group under the umbrella of CADFEM International comprises multiple companies that are specialized in numerical simulation. As the largest ANSYS partner in Germany, CADFEM GmbH in Grafing has specialized in the simulation of complex problems and offers solutions for simulations in the automobile, medical, and shipbuilding industries. virtualcitySYSTEMS is a wholly owned subsidiary of the CADFEM Group. Together, both companies follow the vision of developing solutions for the simulation of environmental phenomena on the basis of 3D city models.



Since 1970, AEROWEST offers qualified services related to collection and processing of spatial data. The core competence are creation of aerial images, 2D and 3D geodata at highest resolution and accuracy. The focus is on increasing the coverage of cities, industrial plants and infrastructure. The product offering is geared to defined data standards that enable the rapid and targeted acquisition of spatial data. They shall be made with a simple but comprehensive licensing model that allows the unrestricted use and processing of AEROWEST's spatial data for each customer. Since 2014, Aerowest is marketing hosted virtualcityMAP solutions by virtualcitySYSTEMS to offer their customers a web-based publication of oblique imagery and 3D city models.


con terra GmbH

con terra GmbH from Münster is a specialized firm for the development of geomatics solutions and innovative products. As a partner of Safe Software, Con Terra is the central point of contact for all questions regarding FME and considers itself to be the European authority for FME technology. As an FME user and a developer of ETL solutions based on FME technology, virtualcitySYSTEMS cooperates with Con Terra. This cooperation includes a sales partnership as well as offering joint trainings and seminars on the topic area of 3d geodata processing.

con terra

Future Insight

Future Insight has the goal to make the use of 3D mainstream, especially by applying advanced 3D techniques to improve the working processes of other working areas like infrastructural and spatial design using our DPT-Method. All these disciplines need reliable, up-to-date, diverse and easy to use 3D information to do whatever they do in 3D in the tools they are used to use and do it faster and better! We involve and gather all relevant stakeholders and make them work together regarding Data, Process and Tools.

Future Insight


Geoinfo AG from Switzerland is a medium-sized company that offers geomatics solutions and IT services for Swiss cantons and municipalities. Geoinfo AG cooperates with virtualcitySYSTEMS for extending its classic geoportal solutions around a third dimension. With the 3D portal of 2 cantons, i.e., Appenzell-Ausserrhoden and St. Gallen, now these two cantons can be extensively viewed in 3D on Internet. In this regard, Geoinfo AG applies the 3D SDI solution from virtualcitySYSTEMS.



The Institute for Computer Graphics Systems under the direction of Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner is conducting research and developing methods in the area of geovisualization. Multiple successful spin-offs, such as 3D Geo GmbH (LandXplorer technology) or 3D Content Logistics GmbH (SmartMaps technology, server-side rendering solutions), underscore the innovative strength of the institute. virtualcitySYSTEMS has been successfully cooperating with HPI for several years in the research and development projects.



The Japanese company Infoserve specializes in the sales and support of solutions in the field of remote sensing, photogrammetry and 3D city models. Since 2014, for Infoserve the OGC standard CityGML is of increasing importance. As an innovative distributor for Japan the team of Infoserve is a competent partner for marketing and support of our product BuildingReconstruction, advising clients on innovative applications for the use of 3D city models based on CityGML.


Institute for Geomatics at TU in Munich

The Institute for Geomatics under the direction of Prof. Dr. Thomas H. Kolbe is conducting research and developing methods and algorithms for 3D geodata. A particular focus in this research is the study of 3D geodata modeling on the basis of international OGC CityGML standards and the development of analysis methods for urban spaces. Prof. Kolbe is one of the founders & pioneers of the CityGML standard and a driving force behind the development of the free CityGML database solution, 3DcityDB, which was further developed jointly with M.O.S.S. and virtualcitySYSTEMS.

Institute for Geomatics at TU in Munich

SkyMap Global

SkyMap Global aims to provide high quality and high resolution data with respect to satellite imagery, Digital Elevation Models, 3D City Models and Base Maps. To provide next generation of Data Products and Services for our customers by co-creating solutions with our global technology partners. Partnering with virtualcitySYSTEMS, SkyMap aims to bring 3D Spatial Data Infrastrucutre to the users in South Asian Region. This will enable access to State of Art technology for hosting data to enable successful implementation of SMART CITY applications.

SkyMap Global

3D Content Logistics

3D Content Logistics (3DCL) based in Potsdam, Germany is a spin-off of the Hasso Plattner Institute, the university centre of excellence for IT systems engineering. 3DCL develops innovative IT solutions designed to provide 3D content, anytime, anywhere, quickly and securely. 3DCL helps its customers to achieve the best possible integration, visualization and use of their 3D content – from detailed architectural models to massive 3D city models – and thus be able to utilize the full potential of their 3D models. The IT solutions encapsulate complex visualization techniques and provide those as building blocks that can be integrated and used systematically and easily. A major characteristics of our solutions is that bandwidth required for transfer to clients does no more depend on the  model complexity, which allows for delivering and using even largest 3D models on mobile devices and in the Web!


Point Cloud Technology

Point Cloud Technology (PTC) is a spin-off of the Hasso-Plattner-Institute Potsdam. PTC provides innovative technologies for the management, classification, analyses and visualization of arbitrary large point clouds from laser scanning and dense image matching. Together with PTC we provide web-enabled solutions for large point clouds.

Point Cloud Technology


M.O.S.S. Computer Graphics GmbH provides intelligent geo and IT solutions to achieve sustained and profitable to use geographic information. Solutions from M.O.S.S. permitting the construction of just large volumes of data efficiently, manage and customize this information management and business processes and improve.

M.O.S.S. Computer Grafik Systeme GmbH

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